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Remote Working: A 'Reset 'of Work Culture

Life will not be the same again after COVID – 19. “Massive behavioral, social and personal changes will have to take place”, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi reportedly told political leaders in a video conference recently. Probably, he was hinting at the change in work culture as well! Remote working has grown significantly over the last decade with companies pushing to improve their employee talent pool while keeping overheads down. With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had no other option but to embrace work from home (WFH). According a report published in early April 2020, almost two-thirds of the 4 million plus ITBPO employees in India have moved to the WFH model. Remote working is likely to shake up the work culture in many companies and offer an opportunity to finally build a culture that allows long-overdue work flexibility. Analysts believe that WFH might become a standard practice for some employees even after the COVID-19 is gone and some companies may move to WFM permanently due to cost savings, convenience and productivity gains. This could well be the beginning of a new world order - a reset of habits, emotions, and relationships.

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